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bowserbabe's journal

there's a page where we fail to meet

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The few things you need to know about me:
I like boys. I like fictional relationships. I like pictures.


» » shows « «
30 rock, alias, ashes to ashes, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, the big bang theory, bones, burn notice, castle, chuck, cold case, criminal minds, crossing jordan, csi, csi miami, csi ny, firefly, flashpoint, fringe, gilmore girls, glee, higher ground, house, how i met your mother, hustle, in plain sight, the it crowd, judging amy, las vegas, law & order, law & order special victims unit, law & order criminal intent, leverage, lie to me, life, life on mars, the mentalist, merlin, the middleman, ncis, now & again, numb3rs, the office, the pretender, primeval, prison break, psych, reaper, remington steele, the riches, royal pains, scrubs, supernatural, two guys & a girl, veronica mars, west wing, without a trace, wonderfalls, x-files

» » ships « «
jack/liz (30r), jack/irina (alias), gene/alex (a2a), adama/roslin (bsg), penny/sheldon (tbbt), michael/fiona (bn), castle/beckett (castle), hotch/prentiss, reid/jj (cm), garret/lily (cj), grissom/catherine, sara/greg, wendy/hodges (csi), horatio/yelina, ryan/calleigh (csim), mac/stella (csiny), mal/inara, simon/kaylee (ff), peter/olivia (fringe), luke/lorelai (gg), will/emma (glee), ron/hermione (hp), house/cameron, wilson/cuddy (house), barney/robin (himym), danny/stacie (hustle), elliot/olivia (losvu), goren/eames (loci), nate/sophie (leverage), cal/gillian (ltm), jane/lisbon, rigsby/van pelt (mentalist), kate/gibbs, tony/ziva (ncis), megan/larry (numb3rs), jim/pam, michael/jan (office), nick/claudia (primeval), shawn/jules (psych), sam/jack, daniel/vala (sg1), sheppard/teyla (sga), trip/t'pol (stent), veronica/logan (vm), jack/sam (wat), cj/danny, josh/donna (ww), doggett/reyes, mulder/scully (xf)

» » boys « «
adam baldwin, anthony lapaglia, bradley whitford, cary grant, connor trinneer, demetri martin, eddie izzard, gary sinise, gregory peck, kevin spacey, mark harmon, michael weatherly, nicholas campbell, peter macnicol, philip glenister, pierce brosnan, richard dean anderson, robert patrick, simon cowell, steve carell, tim roth, timothy hutton, tom felton, vincent d'onofrio, william fichtner

» » girls « «
aj cook, jewel staite, jorja fox, keeley hawes, lena olin, rachel weisz, tina fey

» » music « «
coldplay, genesis, phil collins, simon & garfunkel, will young

30 rock, adam baldwin, adama/roslin, alias, anthony lapaglia, ashes to ashes, babylon 5, barney/robin, battlestar galactica, ben stone, bones, burn notice, cal/gillian, castle, castle/beckett, castlevania, cj/danny, cold case, coldplay, connor trinneer, crack the case, criminal intent, criminal minds, crossing jordan, csi, csi ny, da vinci's inquest, dachshunds, dance dance revolution, demetri martin, doggett/reyes, dvds, eddie izzard, elliot/olivia, fanfic, firefly, flashpoint, fringe, garret/lily, gary sinise, gene/alex, gilmore girls, glee, goren/eames, gradius, grissom/catherine, higher ground, hikaru no go, himym, horatio/yelina, hotch/prentiss, house, house/cameron, html, hustle, in plain sight, jack mccoy, jack/irina, jack/liz, jack/sam, jane/lisbon, jeff/annie, jethro gibbs, jewel staite, john doggett, jorja fox, josh/donna, katamari damacy, kate/gibbs, keeley hawes, kevin spacey, konami, lateral thinking, law & order, law & order ci, law & order svu, lena olin, leverage, lie to me, life on mars, luke/lorelai, mac/stella, mal/inara, mark harmon, megan/larry, merlin, michael weatherly, mulder/scully, nate/sophie, ncis, nicholas campbell, now & again, numb3rs, penny/sheldon, peter macnicol, phil collins, philip glenister, photoshop, php, primeval, prison break, psych, puzzle pirates, puzzle quest, rachel weisz, rats, remington steele, robert goren, robert patrick, ron/hermione, royal pains, ryan/calleigh, sam/jack, sara sidle, sara/greg, scrubs, shawn/juliet, sheppard/teyla, shipping, simon & garfunkel, simon cowell, simon/kaylee, soul calibur 3, stepmania, steve carell, symphony of the night, the big bang theory, the it crowd, the mentalist, the middleman, the office, the pretender, the riches, tim roth, timothy hutton, tina fey, tony/ziva, trip/t'pol, veronica mars, vincent d'onofrio, wallpaper, wendy/hodges, west wing, will young, will/emma, william fichtner, wilson/cuddy, without a trace, wonderfalls, x-files

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